Monika Hudyka–apparently a mentally ill person, who admitted in the messages we exchanged and whose authenticity was later certified by IT forensics specialists, that she is suffering from borderline personality disorder–contacted me recently. She wrote me an email–not to apologize, or clarify but–threatening to sue me for defamation if I do not remove content published on this site.

Monika, like large part of Polish society, suffers from delusions / mental illness–neither she or those following this insane person can apparently comprehend what they participated and still participate in, neither take responsibility for their actions. Instead, they continue to deny and issue treats, in this case to sue for defamation.

Poor, broken Monika and her team of criminally insane must come to grips with the fact that all of the information published on this site is 100% verifiable, comes from specialists in their fields, including world-class doctors, and start healing themselves. Your place is in prison or mental institution.

screencasts of facebook messenger “invitation” received from hudyka on february 3 2014…:

M. Hudyka